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Sunday, June 24th 2018
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  Consulting case studies

Central and Eastern Europe - First Inter-Governmental Mediation Workshop (2006)

This ground-breaking initiative was developed and launched by CMI in January 2006.

Financed by the UK Government, the Workshop offers a unique opportunity for governments from right across Central and Eastern Europe to meet together annually to discuss mediation reform in their respective countries. Delegations from fifteen governments - Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and the UK - attended the inaugural meeting, in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Discussions are private and allow for a full and frank exchange of views on mediation reform, the pooling of valuable experiences across the region, and the chance to build vital contacts with those responsible for mediation in neighbouring countries. There is also expert input on key topics, from both CMI and guest experts, and representatives of the European Commission and the United Nations also attended.

Such was the success of the First Inter-Governmental Mediation Workshop that it is being expanded to include a further five regional governments for next year\'s meeting.

The positive response from delegates was overwhelming, as the following short extracts from their feedback indicate. This is the most compelling testament to the Workshop\'s value:

o “First let me congratulate you for your stupendous work. We really think that the workshop touched its goals and we\'re looking forward to attend future ones. We\'ve met very fine people in Bratislava and we\'ve learned from their both legislative and practical ADR experiences. We came back in Romania with a whole bag filled with examples and creative ideas and again, we thank you for the opportunity” (Romania)
o “A very good workshop that can be the start of a levelled European policy on mediation” (Romania)
o “Very useful” (Croatia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Cyprus, Malta, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey)
o “Very useful especially to hear experiences from different countries and to find out the most important challenges for [Mediation] development”, “It was at the right level” and “Content just right” (Croatia)
o “Very useful as Lithuania is at the very start of mediation development. The content [was] well chosen” (Lithuania)
o “Useful both in theoretical and practical aspects. We heard the mistakes of experienced countries, changed our ideas and heard many good recommendation” (Lithuania)
o “Very useful since we are taking the initial step of transposing the Acquis of the EU into national legislation and our legal system does not provide as yet much about mediation” (Cyprus)
o “Aimed at the right level” (Cyprus, Macedonia)
o “Helped me understand the development of mediation in other countries which in turn helped me put the development of mediation in Malta in perspective” (Malta)
o “Very good action, congratulations” (Slovakia)
o “Thank you for the opportunity to attend this workshop. For me it was very good experiences ... more new information. Thank you very much” (Slovakia)
o “Very good initiative. Very well prepared. We are sincerely grateful to the hosts [ie CMI] which have great merit for our excellent impression” (Bulgaria)
o “Workshop was excellent for me” (Turkey)
o “Thank you for the excellent workshop” (Lithuania)
o “Congratulations!” (Slovenia)
o “Facilitators were truthful to the structure and sensitive to each individual (Malta)
o “Thank you once again for the well organised workshop, the information and experience we all got from it. It was really wonderful to take part in such an event” (Lithuania)
o “Just say thanks for everything and for great workshop with perfect leading (Latvia)
o “Thank you very much for the opportunity to be on such workshop and to learn more for mediation” (Macedonia)
o “Thank you very much for the good, I can say excellent, organisation of the workshop!” (Latvia)

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