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19th September 2005

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There is a huge amount of valuable material written on dispute resolution. The following selection may be of interest. If you want help in choosing, please feel free to call.
29th September 2005
Abramson, Harold I. (2004) Mediation Representation: Advocating in a Problem-Solving Process, NITA

Acland, A F (1995) Resolving Disputes Without Going to Court, Century (ISBN 0712675221)

Adams, S (1998) What the Fly Heard: What Mediators Say Behind Closed Doors, Conflict Resolution Services

Bandler, R & Grinder J (1996) Frogs Into Princes, Eden Grove Editions (ISBN 187084503X)

Bevan, Alex (1992) Alternative Dispute Resolution, Sweet & Maxwell (ISBN 0421471603)

Boulle, L & Nesic, M (2001) Mediation: Principles, Process, Practice, Butterworths
(ISBN 0406927472)

Boyce, T (1993) Successful Contract Negotiation, Hawksmere (ISBN 1854180215)

Brown, Henry & Marriott, Arthur (1999): ADR, Practice and Principles, Sweet & Maxwell
(ISBN 0421579609)

Burkett, John (2000) Disputes Without Tears, RIBA Publications

Bush, R.A.B. & Folger J.P. (1994) The Promise of Mediation, Jossey-Bass (ISBN 0787900273W01)

Buzan, T (2000 revised edition) The Mind Map Book, BBC Consumer Publishing (ISBN 0563537329)

Caller, Russell (General Editor) (2002): ADR and Commercial Disputes, Sweet & Maxwell
(ISBN 0421763000 )

Carroll, Eileen & Mackie, Karl (1999): International Mediation - the art of business diplomacy, Kluwer Law International

Coleman, V (1995) People Watching, Blue Books (ISBN 1899726004)

Cooley, John W (1996) Mediation Advocacy, NITA

Connirae, A & Andreas, S (1989) Heart of the Mind, Real People Press (ISBN 0911226311)

Cornelius, H & Faire, S (1995) Everyone Can Win: How to Resolve Conflict, East Roseville, NSW: Simon Schuster

Coulson, R (1987) Business Mediation: What You Need to Know, American Arbitration Association (ISBN 0943001072)

Covey, S (1999) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Simon & Schuster (ISBN 0684858398)

Craig, Yvonne Joan (1999) Peacemaking for Churches, SPCK

Crawley, J. & Graham, K. (2002) Mediation for Managers, Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Crawley, J (1992) Constructive Conflict Management, Nicholas Brealey Publishing (ISBN 1857880145)

Crum, T (1999) The Magic of Conflict, Pocket Books (ISBN 0684854481)

Dauer, E (1994) Manual of Dispute Resolution: ADR Law and Practice, McGraw-Hill (ISBN 0071726314)

De Bono, Edward (1990) Six Thinking Hats, Penguin

De Bono, E (1986) Conflicts: A Better Way to Resolve Them, Penguin (ISBN 0140137777) OUT OF PRINT

Dilts, R & Bonissone G (1993) Skills for the Future, Meta Publications (ISBN 0916990273)

Doyle, M (2000) Advising on ADR, Advice Services Alliance (ISBN 0953743918)

Doyle, S & Haydock R (1991) Without the Punches: Resolving Disputes Without Litigation, Equilaw (ISBN 0962957704)

Fisher, R and Brown, S (1988) Getting Together: Building Relationships as We Negotiate, Penguin

Fisher, R and Sharp, A (1999) Lateral Leadership: Getting Things Done When You Are Not The Boss, Harper Collins Business

Fisher, R & Ury, W (1997) Getting to Yes, Arrow (ISBN 0099248425)

Fontana D (1990) Social Skills at Work, Routeledge / British Psychological Society

Fulton, Maxwell (1989), Commercial ADR, The Law Book Company (OUT OF PRINT)

Galton, E (1994) Representing Clients in Mediation, Texas Lawyer Press (OUT OF PRINT)

Goldberg, S. B, Rogers, N & Sander F.E.A (1999) Dispute Resolution, (3rd edition) Aspen (ISBN 0735500193)

Goleman, D (1996) Emotional Intelligence, Bloomsbury (ISBN 0747528306)

Goleman, D (1999) Working With Emotional Intelligence, Bloomsbury (ISBN 0747543844)

Gresser, J. (1996) Piloting Through Chaos, Five Rings Press (ISBN 1888278005)

Harvard Business Review (2000) Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Harvard Business School Press

Hickling, A & Friend, J (1997) Planning Under Pressure, Butterworth & Heineman (ISBN 075062955)

Isenhart, M.W. & Spangle, M.L. (2000) Collaborative Approaches to Resolving Conflict, Sage.

Kolb, D & Associates (1994) When Talk Works: Profiles of Mediators, Jossey-Bass

Laborde, G. (1987 - reprint edition) Influencing With Integrity, Syntony (ISBN 0933347103)

Lax, D.A & Sebenius, J.K, (1986) The Manager as Negotiator, Free Press (ISBN 0029187702)

Lewis, Leslie P (1994) Curing Conflict, Pitman

Liebmann, M (ed)(2000), Mediation in Context, Jessica Kingsley Publishers (ISBN 1853026182)

Lord Chancellor's Department (1995) Resolving Disputes Without Going to Court, Lord Chancellor's Department

Macfarlane, J (1997) Rethinking Disputes: the Mediation Alternative, Cavendish Publishing

Mackie, K, Miles, D, Marsh, W & Allen, T (2nd Ed, 2000): The ADR Practice Guide: Commercial Dispute Resolution, Butterworths (ISBN 040691057X)

Mackie, Karl J (ed) (1991) A Handbook of Dispute Resolution - ADR in Action, Routledge (ISBN 0415041244)

Mayer, B.S. (2005) Beyond Neutrality: Confronting the Crisis in Conflict Resolution, Jossey Bass.

Mnookin, Robert H (2000) Beyond Winning: Negotiating to Create Value in Deals and Disputes, Harvard University Press (ISBN 0674003357)

Moore, Christopher W. (2003) The Mediation Process: Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict, Jossey-Bass

Nelson - Jones, R (1986) Human Relationship Skills, London Cassell (OUT OF PRINT)

Nesic, M & Boulle, L (2000) Mediation: Principles Process Practice, Butterworths.

Newmark, C. & Monaghan, A. (2005) Butterworth's Mediators on Mediation, Tottel.

Noone, M (1996), Mediation, Cavendish Publishing (ISBN 1859412025)

O'Connor, J & Seymour, J (2000) Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Thorsons (ISBN 1855383446)

Palmer, M & Roberts S (1998) Dispute Processes: ADR and the Primary Forms of Decision Making, Butterworths (ISBN 0406897743)

Paulsson J et al. (1999) (2nd revised edition) The Freshfields Guide to Arbitration & ADR, (ISBN 904111226X)

Picker, Bennett J (2003) Mediation Practice Guide: A Handbook for Resolving Business Disputes, American Bar Association

Pretorius, P(ed) (1993) Dispute Resolution, Juta & Co (ISBN 0702128333)

Roberts, S & Palmer, M. (2005) Dispute Processes: ADR and the Primary Forms of Decision Making, Cambridge University Press.

Rogers C (1996) A Way of Being, Hougthon Mifflin Co. (ISBN 0395755301)

Rosenberg, M (1999) Non-Violent Communication, Puddle Dancer Press (ISBN 1892005026)

Rosenberg Marshall B (2000) Nonviolent Communication a Language of Compassion, PuddleDancer Press, California

Schutte, Brendan (2003) Fixing the Fighting, Oak Tree Press

Singer, Linda (1994) Settling Disputes: Conflict Resolution in Business, Families and the Legal System, Westview Press

Stitt, Alan (2004) Mediation: A Practical Guide, Cavendish

Stone, D, Patton, B, & Heen, S (2000) Difficult Conversations, Penguin (ISBN 014027782X)

Strasser and Randolph (2004) Mediation: A Psychological Insight into Conflict Resolution, Continuum

Sun Tzu, translated by Cleary (1998) The Art of War, Shambhala Dragon

Susskind, L & Field, P, (1996): Dealing With Angry Public, Free Press (ISBN 0684823020)

Susskind L, Cruikshank J (1989-reprint edition) Breaking the Impasse: Consensual Approaches to Resolving Public Disputes Basic Books (ISBN 0465007503)

Thompson, Leigh L. (2005) The Heart and Mind of the Negotiator, Pearson Prentice Hall (3rd Edition)

Tribe, D (1993) Negotiation, Cavendish Publishing (ISBN 1874241414)

Ury, Brett & Goldberg (1988) Getting Disputes Resolved, Jossey-Bass

Ury, William (1999) The Third Side: Why We Fight and How We Can Stop, Penguin

Ury, William(1992) Getting Past No: Negotiating with difficult people (ISBN 0712655239)

Van Winkle, John V. (2005) Mediation: A Path Back for the Lost Lawyer, American Bar Association (2nd Edition)

Wade J (2000) Representing Clients in Mediation, Bond University press

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10th November 2006
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