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Sunday, June 24th 2018
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Bulgarian Mediation Act 2004 (English language version)
6th December 2004
This act, passed on 2nd December 2004, sets out the legal framework for mediation in Bulgaria. CMI acted as advisers on mediation to the Minister of Justice during 2004 and 2005.
Download: Word (469K)


European Code of Conduct for Mediators
26th October 2005
This is a voluntary code of conduct/ethics for mediators. It has no formal European Union status, though the European Commission supported its publication. It is intended to promote consistency and best practice amongst mediators practising in Europe. It is relevant to mediators of civil and commercial disputes.
Download: PDF (117K)


Hungarian Mediation Act 2002 (English language version)
12th October 2002
This act (LV of 2002) sets out the legal framework for mediation in Hungary.
Download: Word (68K)


Proposal for EU Directive on Mediation
23rd October 2004
This proposal for a Directive (ref: COM (2004) 718 final) seeks to establish some norms for the conduct and encouragement of mediation throughout the EU Member States.
Download: PDF (149K)
Source: Commission of the European Communities


Proposal for EU Directive on Mediation - Annex to Directive
23rd October 2004
This is the annex to the Proposal for an EU Directive on Mediation.
Download: PDF (138K)


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