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Sunday, September 23rd 2018
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  Consulting services

As market leaders, CMI advises businesses, governments and public bodies about effective dispute resolution methods and systems.

Increasing financial pressures, greater competition, brand sensitivity and a global marketplace - these are tough but exciting times for business. Inevitably, the nature of handling conflicts has also become far more demanding. Lengthy disputes, whether with competitors, employees or in the supply chain, pose a serious threat to productivity, profits and relationships. They tie-up valuable resources, damage core focus and attract adverse publicity. The costs can be crippling.

CMI advises businesses on developing and implementing their own systems for preventing, managing and resolving these disputes quickly, informally, and above all effectively.

Please visit our consulting case studies and training case studies for examples of these systems in action.

Resolving disputes effectively is an increasing priority for many governments. Court systems are under intolerable strain with growing case-loads and insufficient resources, and governments are under serious pressure to deliver significant improvements.

CMI is at the cutting edge of enabling these improvements. CMI is the appointed adviser to numerous governments, advising on dispute resolution legislation and policy, designing non-court-based dispute resolution systems, implementing structured links to the judicial system, building demand for mediation, and covering all related areas required by governments.

Please visit our consulting case studies and our training case studies for examples.

Public authorities and regulators
Public authorities and regulators are increasingly confronted with disputes which require skilful management and effective resolution. The complexity of new regulatory structures and the growing remits of public authorities demand new ways to achieve this.

Our experience of working with Public Authorities and Regulators includes:

Designing and implementing mediation systems for regulators.
Designing and implementing mediation systems for ombudsmen.
Designing and implementing training for staff to equip them with the skills required to meet these challenges.
Conflict ‘audits’ to assess existing dispute resolution systems and then design appropriate responses.

Please visit our consulting case studies and our
training case studies for examples.

Supra-national bodies
As the theory and practice of modern dispute resolution has developed, so has the role of supra-national bodies (such as the United Nations and the EU) in establishing appropriate international standards and models.

CMI is integrally involved in creating these standards including:

Drafting international laws.
Advising on policy, model laws and regulatory systems for dispute resolution.

Please visit our consulting case studies for examples.

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